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I've tentatively added this song to the album as a 'bonus track'. A CD of this album will only hold 12 of the 13 tracks, so one had to be demoted to the reserves, and I picked this one.

This song was written as far back as 2010! It was written during a two week sojourn near Perugia in Italy where I was attending a writers retreat hosted by the great Chris Difford. I've posted in other places how this was a largely unhappy time for me and, for someone who is naturally uncomfortable around people (and the folks on this retreat were awesome, and very lovey people) I was probably at an all time low.

I stuck in my room most evenings but wrote a whole album of songs there on my acoustic guitar. This is one of the songs, that didn't make the then next album ('Life And Everything Inbetween") but I kept the bare guitar /voice demo from my phone in my archive.

When I was making the 'Jellyfish Doodles' album I visited the archive and found several songs that I felt deserved a shine and a working-through-to-completion effort. This was one of them. I started it again and rewrote the lyrics (the chorus was the same though).

It's a nice little song, the title came from text messages between myself and Amanda, where we would end the last text of each evening with how many nights of sleep there were left before I came home. It was written on the second last night. Then the Icelandic volcano erupted :O. LOL. It would be another week before I arrived home.

Anyways! Here's 'One More Sleep'

August 5th 2023


One More Sleep (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

One more sleep and I'lll be there
One more night for my heart to bear
One more day of inbetweens
One more night of restless dreams
One more sleep...and I'll be there

Like a hand missing a hand
Like one foot print in the sand
Like a cloud on a sunny day
A patch of blue of blue when skies are grey

Like a journey without a mile
Like your face without its smile
Like a song without its chords
Like a poem without its words

Pre chorus
But soon this wait will end
We'll be together, my perfect friend

Chorus (repeat)

Just like lips without a kiss
Like a memory with no reminisce
Like a cup without its match
Like a throw without a catch

Lke a prison without its bars
Like a night without its stars
Like a fire without a spark
Like a shadow in the dark

Pre Chorus

Chorus (to end)