Hi there

 on the drop menu you'll find the web pages for the albums I've "released" (maybe they just escaped). Like most homemade bespoke musicians financial gain is not a huge incentive for me. I write and make music because I have to.

 The latest musical child to be unleashed on the world is called 'The Mystery Of The Trees'. You'll find a page dedicated to it here.

My only hope is that whomever listens to one of the records will find something that will make them smile, ponder, reconsider, dance(!), sing along, cry but whatever you like or don't like, these things are a personal choice but i do thank you sincerely, deeply and genuinely from the cockles of my heart for even attempting to find the time to listen in.

To all the wonderful people in Ireland, Germany, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, America, Malaysia, Poland, The Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, and Canada who have befriended my music T-h-a-n-k  y-o-u. Sincerely.....

 If you ever want to drop me a note use the mailing list or write me directly at ccarry167@hotmail.com. I will reply to ya! I don't have any automated robot things doing mail for me so I will see and read anything that comes in to me. I'm a huge Springsteen anorak (52 shows), and I'm 'published' in a couple of Boss fan books. I'm a Bowie acolyte since I was ten years old. I practically listened to nothing BUT Bowie all through my teen years and I was lucky enough to see DB in concert nine times. I'll miss the man for ever.

 Prince. Ah. Saw his majesty seven times in concert and was also (and will remain) a huge fan. The loss of Bowie, Lou Reed, and Prince was felt deeply. There's words elsewhere on this web site that speak to this.

I'd met Lou Reed a couple of times, Elvis Costello (many times), John Hiatt, Paddy McAloon, Nils Lofgren, Chris Difford, Michael Palin, Dean Freidman too. I got to see Stevie Ray Vaughan play live! We could have a lot to talk about! Check my influences on Home page

 cheers for now

Peace & Love (& Understanding)...and what's so wrong about that