From the recording Mystery

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For this song I had the title first, a little punning play on the movie of the near same name. I think the music was originally called 'La Plage' (i.e. The Beach, en francais d'accord!). It was a rocking little archived tune from around 2015 so I put the title over the music, and went from there. Most of the words coming to me at the microphone.

I wrote TWO choruses and couldn't pick which one to choose. What to do? So I combined them both and we have the 'Here come this one.." chorus joined with the "Lead with love and do now harm" chorus. I think it works well. A happy accident.

August 5th 2023


From Her To Eternity (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

Here comes this one, there goes that one
As far as the eye can see
But the shortest distance between all places
Is from her to eternity
Lead with love and do no harm
No matter what you see
Give your heart an keep it strong
From her to eternity

In the morning when you wake up
You need a little shake up
You wonder how you'll get by?
You look inside your head
And you're filled with dread
It's enough to make you want to cry

You stand up feeling steady
Don't know if you are ready
To go out and face the day
When you think about
The love in your life
You think of her, and you say


You're rocking' down the sidewalk
You meet your friends
You talk about the things you've seen
You say "I'll see ya later, hey don't be a stranger"
Go get a hit of strong caffeine

You're off to see your baby
You're thinking just maybe
You'll get that beautiful smile
It's enough to keep you going
In your heart your glowing
Knowing she'll be yours in awhile


And when I look in the mirror
What is that I see?
Is this the reality of my life
Staring back at me?