From the recording Mystery

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Composed, recorded, mixed, produced AND mastered on June 25th 2022. That was a busy day! I used a mix of patches on this and build the song from loops with some guitar, bass and keyboard touches added here and there.

Written about the homeless situation in general although I think in my mind I was thinking New York, which would be more thematic given the string sections I used in the song. Reminds me of those early 70's new wave American movies.

There's more and more images of rows of destitute and homeless people appearing in our news feeds every day. It is shocking. What the hell is going on with the world. Millions of people across continents, trying to emmigrate to America, Australia and Europe. Men, women and children are dying in arduous journeys across seas and oceans in flimsy sea craft, smuggled like narcotics by shady men out to make a buck on their misfortune. It's horrible and speaks deeply to just how twisted the world is. Can any of us ever comprehend what it must be like to put your child on a small boat, or in the back of a container lorry, knowing the potential consequences? It is just too difficult to even imagine.

Then when you maybe arrive at the border of the next country be treated as problematically as one would treat garbage. For those that then make it into the refugee process they are met with horror by the local populace. Instead of integrating into the wider unwelcoming society, and who would want to the way they are received, they become inclusive to themselves, build isolated communities and strengthen their own societal bonds around religion etc which further exacerbates the issues. Just ask France.

This is one of Amanda's favourite songs on the album, and as referenced earlier in the album notes, does reflect on my 'eclectic' song writing toolset.

August 6th 2023


City Streets (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

Pull up that collar, keep out the cold
Your bones are getting stiffer as you get old
There's not much time and you know
It is getting dark and you got no where to go

And you're living on the city streets yeah
And it's oh so hard just to make ends meet
When you're living on those city streets
Every day seems like defeat after defeat

You, you will fall, but you you will rise

You've got to push yourself, don't get lost
If you go astray well, there's a cost
People everywhere just looking round
Blank faces blank stares, they have no sound


The police are on the left, but they're always right
They don't care where you sleep tonight
Staring at the cracks on the grey pavement
Like a rising tide of displacement