1. 09 Sugar

From the recording Mystery

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A song about my hopeless and lifelong addiction to sugar. I despair of it and it really depresses me at times. Some folks think it's funny. It ain't. As I say in the lyrics "...you think I'm joking? This sh*t's for real / Look at the meds I'm on".

The music was written and recorded way before it became this song (sometime in 2015) and it was in my stockpile of finished tracks that didn't have a name or an intent. However I think I remember at one point having a 'dance' album concept (while also having a 'rock' one, an ambient one and a 'blues' one). Some songs from each of those concepts have appeared across the last few albums.

I wrote the words and completed the vocals on the 23rd April '23. . I put a bouncy bass part on this (using my Aria Pro II) and I think it gives the song a bit of motion. In retrospect I think one of the guitar lines sounds a little bit like 'Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll' by Ian Drury? If hit does it wasn't intended at the time, my limited an simple guitar playing being more of a reason than anything else.

I play all instruments and programmed the drums using Logic Pro X

August 6th 2023


Sugar (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

I've a thing for white powder you see
Something I can't live without
My waking moment, the last thing at night
The one thing I'm thinking about

It's a drug, but you don't think it is
It's got a hold on my soul
I'm a sucker for its charms
It's never letting me go

Give me sugar, sugar on my tongue

Put a line in my arm
Hook it up to my brain
Put some money in my hand and
I'll buy more of the same

It's the circle that makes me complete
I feel warm and happy inside
And then, here comes the crash
And I just wanna cry

Give me sugar, sugar on my tongue

It's addictive, like junk or cocaine
And it's easier to buy
Put it under lock and key
Keep it out of sight

You think I'm joking?
This shits for real
Look at the meds I'm on!
This is bringing me down

Give me sugar, sugar on my tongue