1. 08 Ghost World

From the recording Mystery

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Another song that was finished musically before I wrote the lyrics. I had a burst of work during bank holidays and weekends since late February. Again, texturally different to the songs on this album.

I had the music for this in the archive and took it out and because I was playing Aimee Mann's 'Batchelor #2' album earlier that day, her track of the same name was in my head (don''t worry, they don't sound anything alike!) so I called the music 'Ghost World' and then set about writing words for the track.

I'm kinda partial to my guitar playing here and after many months of listening to this song during mixing etc I think it has a 'Tubeway Army'-ish feel to it? I don't have a lot of Gary Numan albums but I do have 'Replicas' and the 'Living Ornaments' box set from '81. When I write songs I often try and find a different guitar sound (preferably one that doesn't magnify my lack of fret board technique) and I really like the sound I used here.

Ha! I just went back and looked at the production file. I think I have to correct myself regarding the naming of this song! I used guitar patch called, guess what, yip, Ghost World, lol, maybe it was a mix of Aimee Mann and Logic Pro pointing me in the same direction! There are TWELVE guitar parts on this track, I note with amusement that I used 'Shapeless Fragments', 'Condensator', 'Spring Theory', 'US Metal' and 'In Your Face' guitar sounds, all using my Danelectro U3, my go-to choice of instrument for anything loud.

I play everything on this track, with all drums programmed in Logic Pro X

August 6th 2023


Ghost World (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

I'm in a ghost world and i can't get out
living in a ghost world, what's it all about

I saw you, standing in the shadows
I saw you, moving in the dark
I saw you, hiding in the corner
I saw you, without your mask

I saw you, passing through the walls
I saw you, floating in the night
I saw you, put a hand on my shoulder
I saw you, take off your mask


Ghost world