From the recording Mystery

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Although I recently found a note book from 2010 where I had written the title on the page but nothing else, I've always kept those words in my head because I DO dream of falling, quite a lot.

I wrote the actual words as a poem a couple of years ago and I had always hoped Amanda would recite it for me. I put the music around it aiming for it to be as atmospheric as I could make it. I wanted haunting sounds and misty swirls. I think I did ok.


And In My Dream I Was Falling (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

And in my dream I was falling
The black around me rushed to greet me
And sparks of blue and purple
That turned to Flames of orange an red
Burst forth in a white light
That came to meet me

There was no sound that I could hear
Even my mind, so normally full of words
Was a vacuum, destitute of ideas
In the slowest of motion and
With no effort or attempt
As I could see everything around me
A colleidescope appeared

To dream of falling
To letting go the deep
Losing control the foothold lost
The warning bell
The ancient trauma has called to say hello
But I fall awake, a spectator as I descend
A thought occurs about my destination
Where will this end?

I open a dictionary of dreams
Wiser men than I who speak
Whose opinions differ
Whose minds,aligned in study
But stilll I fall
As colours flash around me
Like a resting starfish
I calmly wait, patiently

And in my dream I kept on falling