From the recording Mystery

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I wrote the words for this song as far back as August '22 (the 19th to be exact). I had the music written for several months before (possibly even going back as far as 2019). I had never found the words to match the tune, which wasn't actually written in a verse/chorus format, but I was able to find a space here and there.

The lyrics were inspired by a former colleague, Declan Comerford (whose painting, which I own, graces the cover of this album) and he had found his artistic muse away from the IT industry. He found his chosen subject matter, trees, and if there's a way to paint them, he's done it. I think Dec has a lot of ability and some of his non-tree paintings are very interesting and indicate there's a lot more to come in the future.

I play everything on this track with the usual drums being programmed in Logic Pro X

August 6th 2023


The Mystery Of The Trees (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

And when the painter puts his brush down
And steps back from the painting
Will he see beyond the trees

Colours, fall onto the pallette
And start to shape the vision
That he sees among the leaves

See how the canvas captures light and shade
The brush strokes laid bare with every touch
See how the canvas captures depth and form
Revealing, the mystery of the trees