From the recording Mystery

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I wrote and recorded this on the 17th March (St Patrick's Day!). The weather had been awful from Jan to March (indeed its been woeful all year as I type this in July '23 (with an exception for 3 weeks across May and early June when it was quite lovely - our summers appear to have moved up from August over the years!). I remember wanting to specifically write a tune using major 7th chords e.g. CMaj7, FMaj7 and DM7. It developed a bit as I wrote it and I really loved the melody as it began to take shape.
I feel people think I'm bullish*tting when I say I stepped up to the mic and the words came straight out nearly as exactly as they are in the lyrics below. I plucked this one out of the ether - it was sitting there waiting for me.
I wrote the chorus first (I know, because it's the first thing on the written page) and then the verses appeared one after the other as quickly as I could keep up with the words forming in my head.
I rarely ever have anyone else on my albums but I knew this song would benefit with the addition of something a little special, so I asked Alex would he put a solo on it for me. He did, and it's the middle solo and the last guitar you hear as the song fades. Nice work from junior.


Soft Like Summer Rain (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

It's cold and winter is still on the ground
And I'm feeling down in myself
I need summer to come around
And bring a smile to my face
But that smile can't be found
And I'm stuck in a bad bad place
So I'm here just hanging around
Waiting for them and...

...Here they come, my tears fall
Soft as summer rain
I can feel them as they fall
Soft as summer rain

I go to my records and pick out some sounds
I sit and listen, and I play them loud
To distract me from what she might say
This cold has been lingering far too long
But it's time to put away those fears
Now the winter will soon be gone
And will happiness return too?...

Chorus to fade