1. 03 Peekaboo

From the recording Mystery

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I had the full music track done for this song in late March (I diid a LOT of long days over the course of the St Patrick's Day plus a couple of vacation days from work. From my notes I recorded the vocals on April 23rd (when I wrote the lyrics).
In my head I had a classic American AOR sound in my head when I was recording this. Jangly guitars courtesy of the Rickenbacker and then the lyric was about a scoundrel who was laying waste to broken hearts.
I have to calll out one edit that came from Amanda as I played her the finished track. For the line "and breaking hearts really IS a crime' she took, rightfully, umbrage at my original lyrics which was "but is breaking hearts really a crime"! She put me right on that and I went back and changed the line.

I play everything on this track with the usual drums being programmed in Logic Pro X


Peekaboo (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

They seek him here and over there
But they can't find him anywhere
Can't find a single clue to follow

Check your voicemail on your phone
Don't leave a message he's not home
You can search a map but you won't find him

You don't know if you'll see him again
Is he gone for good this time?

Then peekaboo! He's reappeared
For a moment or two, well it's not clear
Take a picture it'll last much longer
Then peekaboo! And in a flash
Here's a clue, he's a car crash
Then he's gone and your left to wonder

nd if you ever track him down
Put his picture up all over that town
A warning sign for a dangerous hazard

He thinks he's never because he's walked away
And breaking hearts really is a crime