From the recording Mystery

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I wrote this track on the 3rd of June '23, according to my notes, which I think, makes it the last song to be written and recorded for this album. The inspiration came from the fact that Amanda had been away visiting family for a week and I was looking forward to seeing her again. And in the simplest situations, art is born! Of course while Amanda's coming home was the initial driver for the lyrics, I brought them on a non biographical journey in the verses. The chorus was written first and did reflect my sense of anticipation for Ms Duffy's return.

I play everything on this track with the usual drums being programmed in Logic Pro X


I'm So Excited Just To See You (C.Carry © 2023 Alex's Room Productions)

I'd been so let down, I'd gone underground
I thought my soul had drowned, but now it's time to get together again

You, said you'd be mine, but you needed time
You, say you're coming home, now it''s time to get together again

I'm always so excited just to see you
I can't wait for the moment I can hold you
Being apart only breaks my lonely heart in two
I get that glow and I want you to know that I've missed you

We, played the fools, we, abandoned all the rules
We, didn't take the chance, and now it's time too get together again

Chorus (repeat)