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King of the Irish Goodbye

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Proceeds from this track will be donated to the Meath Women's Refuge in Navan


King of The Irish Goodbye (c.carry) ©2022 an Alex's Room Production


I walk in, and point my finger at you, maybe raise an eyebrow too, nod my head and smile
I say 'hello, how ya doing, hey it's been awhile' point to deaf ears and make a sign to dial
I'll call you when I can
I've come straight through the front door, grabbed a cocktail sausage or two
I've headed straight out the backdoor, is your imagination playing tricks with you?
I'm king of the Irish goodbye, king of the Irish goodbye

You can't see, the battle raging inside of me, I'm fighting social anxieties, and they always win
I got here soon as I wanted to, thats the reason I'm so late, You look at your watch and it's nearly ten
Well, you told me seven thirty for eight

Later on, there's that thing you want to say to me, you look around forlornly
Where the hell has he gone?
It's not you, gee I think you're really swell, i's all about ME
It's my genetic makeup, the anti-social butterfly you can't see

©2022 Alex's Room Productions