Kids. Daughters. When they're small they worship you.Can't go anywhere without them. Reading stories or singing songs every night to get them to go asleep. Hugs, duets, kisses, tickles, filling the bath full of bubbles, just sheer love in a little bundle of adorability. Then, they eventually grow up. But they have to.

Still adorable, and will always own your heart, but the existential condition that is parenthood means you bring 'em up to be independent. They can't sit on your knee or cling to your hand forever.
The sad part of this is they forget the minutiae, things like getting up at (what seemed like) dawn on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. 'Can you make me your porridge daddy?' which meant oatmeal laced with huge doses of sugar or honey (or both :)). Luckily I took LOADS of photo's and (grainy) video of them so they can recall some of their finest times at some point.

I love my two girls more than life, and until they possibly have their own children they'll never understand all the above (btw, I also have two sons who I love to bits too! But this song is about the girls). They'll all have my heart until the day I'm no longer around.

This song was inspired by a picture of Katie in a pink coat that I had converted to black and white, except the pink coat which I kept in the picture, but written when I was thinking of them both.