From the recording Doesn't Play Well With Others

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Notes; Originally scheduled for 'Onion' I kept it over for when I had a few more similar type songs. I wrote this sitting on the couch in Headfort Glebe with my acoustic and my iPhone recorder. This version is vastly updated from the original demo.

Just a story song, probably influenced by John Hiatt here. When I hear the opening line I'm drawn to his great lyric from "Don't Think About Her While You're Trying To Drive' (from the 'Little Village' album).

It goes "She don't know who you're missing driving' down that lonesome road tonight". I can see it. But, hey, if you're going to get influenced by someone then the truly great John Hiatt isn't a bad reference.


Say Goodbye To The Last Girl (c.carry) © 2019

You don't know where you're going

As you leave this town today

It doesn't matter any how

It wouldn't work any way

Yet you'll travel along and the road kicks up its dust

Yes you'll travel alone because you know that you must


Say good-bye to the last town

Say good-bye to the last street

Say good-bye to that last girl until the next time you meet



Now, the road is long and lonely

but for now you're back on your own

This could have been that one in a million

The greatest love you've ever known

She doesn't know you're leaving

You tell yourself that you don't care

But who knows the kind of grieving

When a heart is laid bare

No stone or flowers will ever mark the place where you should have stayed

And in your heart you'll always remember the love that you just betrayed