From the recording Doesn't Play Well With Others

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Notes; This was WAS written after Amanda's diagnosis and as our world was indeed falling down. Madam went through hell and back. But as I type here her resilience is bringing her back into the world bit by bit. I've seen bravery up close and personal. It's a 4'11" little bundle of greatness from Castlebar.


And The World Is Falling Down (c.carry) © 2019

I take a look around, and the world is falling down

None of this seems remotely real

The moments that we steal

The pain and loss we feel

That we try so hard to conceal


The moments in the sun, they fade and then they're gone

Were they ever here, I don't know

All these open doors, one by one they close

Leaving us alone, with our fears

As the world is falling down, I take a look around

And I realize just how scared I feel

The moments we have shared, even in our dark despair

Kept our love alive and showed us how to care