From the recordings Apple and Onion

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This was a very difficult and painful lyric to write. The subject matter is the passing of an infant and the ‘apple’ is the child. There are three specific points of reference in this song but this is not the place to draw attention to them.
What I tried to focus on was the ying and the yang of loss. I have four children (all adults now) and the thought of losing any of them would be simply unbearable. What else could be worse for a parent, it has no equal.
The question is posed in the lyric: given the pain of the loss, would you regret the time you had with the child, no matter how fleeting? The question is also answered, I hope correctly.
The music arrived in my hands almost complete as I played the guitar. Another melody, just waiting to be delivered to the world at the right time.
It’s not often I tear up, but, oh boy, I didn’t escape during the making of this song. This was hard to finish, but it also means that the memory of those 'little apples' will always be around.
I’ll share the full lyric here;



Apple (words & music by C.Carry © Alex's Room Productions 2016)
Little red apple that fell from the tree
I just don’t understand life’s mysteries
 Little red apple that blossomed too soon
The harvest came and the cold wind blew
All the little apples that held by a leaf
Fallen and gathered by natures thief
All the little apples from the orchard nursery
Precious little fruit of purity
Little red apple so sad and sweet a memory
Forever stored in the hearts treasury
If I knew tomorrow that the world would not be
I’d still have planted the apple tree