New album, new update...

Track list has been picked and final mixes going through quality control (Amanda). They may change again, who knows! It's been a journey but I'm very happy with the new songs. There's a few I didn't include which I'll probably put up on Soundcloud at some stage. 

I'm adding a new version of an old favourite tune, 'Pretty Monster'. The original was REALLY badly recorded and it deserved better. New drums, new vocal, new guitar, saxophones and a steady production. If you liked the original, you'll love this version. 

Anyways! More anon.

Confirmed tracks are;

01) We Live In The Flicker

02) The World Is Falling Down

03) All For You

04) Doesn't Play Well With Others

05) Disintegration

06) Sweetheart

07) Say Goodbye To The Last Girl

08) Star Gazing Lonesome Man

09) Hide

10) Believe

Bonus Track

11) Pretty Monster (2019)