Under the influence of The Force...George Lucas

It was around summer of 2000 and I was in Glasgow on business for Microsoft (doing a supplier audit on Danka). After my business had been concluded I had arrived back at Prestwick Airport to get my flight home. I spotted a WH Smiths and went in to get some sweets for the kids.

As I walked in to the shop (big wide open entrance) I glanced across to my left towards the queue at the tills. I stopped cold in my tracks. I did an almost comedic double take. Standing in the queue was George Lucas. I was like a deer caught in the headlights. Nobody else seemed to be paying him any attention whatsoever.

George looked at me. I looked at George. He knew he'd been spotted. I was rooted to the spot. Then, meeting my eyes, George looked directly at me and slowly, holding my gaze, shook his head. Christ Jesus, the dude was trying to use The Force on me!! "Move on my friend, you didn't see me". I smiled over and nodded my head to say "ok sir, I will not bring any attention to you but I saw you!". He nodded back and I walked on into the shop. I glanced back and George had moved a customer closer to the till and his back was now towards me. 

Oddly, if he hadn't been trying to attract attention to himself, he was wearing a light beige 'safari' suit. Below the knee shorts and a no-sleeve jacket. This was Glasgow. You'd kinda think anyone wearing that ensemble would stick out like a sore Jedi. After a few minutes I left the shop to see could I catch George in a 1:1 situation but he'd gone. I looked everywhere. The Force was indeed with him that day but although I'd loved to have shaken his hand I KNOW George Lucas was sitting in his business class seat, delightedly pondering how his Jedi Mind Trick had cloaked his identity and could he use it to maybe get another whiskey from the Cabin Attendant.