On the way.....

New album is coming on really well. Have too many songs (again) and I'm preparing some of my song stash for the next (next) album which at the moment is called "Onion".

Spent a lot of time this weekend mixing, which is a learning experience to say the least! Parametric equalisation and the like means lots of reading and YouTube tutorials.

i'm going to remix the first 3 albums in the coming weeks. Now that I know more about what I should have been doing I want to go back and re-do the songs again and apply some sonic finesse. I like the songs a lot but they're not been done any service whatsoever by poor production techniques. But like Phoenixses they shall rise from the ashes.

For "Sunflower" the track listing (so far!) is shaping up to be;

1. As The Sunflower Turns It's Face Towards The Sun

2. Pretty Monster

3. Tower Of Strength

4. Glam Man

5. Howl

6. Little Pink Girl (In A Black And White World)

7. Disco Mesopotamia

8. Anxious

9. Green Blue Red

10. The Man Who Went Away

11. Going For A Drive