From the recording A View Askewed Too

Who doesn't like a bit of Elvis? One of the most popular albums in my house growing up was "Elvis' 40 Greatest Hits' (released in 1974). It was the one record that belonged to my parents that I played to death (we all did!). I look at that cover and I'm transported back to days of Lowton, Leigh, radiograms and that last year or so living in England.
However! This song is NOT on that album! I'm sure I heard it somewhere (it was on Elvis' 2nd album from 1956 :O ) but the version I drew the inspiration from is actually Nicholas Cages' version from the David Lynch movie 'Wild At Heart'. If you haven't heard Cage sing this, you should, it's a really great track. Again, simple enough arrangement and played on the Gretsch Electromatic (with Bigsby) and my Aria bass.