From the recording Doesn't Play Well With Others

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Notes; Originally written around 2009, it was recorded HORRIBLY (on the old BR1600 analog) and because I had a liking for the song I eventually put an updated version out on the 'Life and Everything In Between' album. But it was just a case of polishing a turgid file.

When I put the original version of the 'DPWWO' album together I updated this song again. I replaced the original drums (that had - honestly - been played on a keyboard) vocals and guitars, and did a remix of sorts.

Then in Jan '23 while randomly listening to the track on Youtube, I felt it sounded awful (again). So I went back to the well and redid it (on Sunday the 8th). It's a much better mix this time, with new guitars, new bass line (indeed, TWO new bass lines) and I feel I've improved the production (particularly the sound levels) and I also remastered it for good luck. I still kept the one single element from the 2010 original, the guitar solo. I'd still never have remembered how I played it that first time around.

The title was a straight lift from the title of a YA book I saw on Amanda's shelf. I should look up who wrote it and give them some credit!


Pretty Monster © 2010 (c.carry)

Don't be subjected

Get neglected

Don't be suspected

Don't be corrected

Don't be nullified

Don't be crucified

Don't be terrified

but stay dignified




Pretty monsters a mastermind

pretty monster gets you entwined

pretty monster is disinclined

To let you live

Don't be intimidated

Don't be isolated

Don't be segregated

but be validated