From the recording Doesn't Play Well With Others

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Notes; I'd like to confirm that there are no loops used on this track. The intro/outro is all me on a dozen or so guitars.

I think (from an aged memory) that I'd been listening to Talking Heads 'Remain in Light' and had been trying to develop a funky type of track. The rest of the song was written very quickly.

I started singing the chorus as I ate Coco Pops one Saturday morning and I had to run up stairs and turn on the recorder so I wouldn't forget it.

The verses came to me at the mic. Written for AD.


Believe (c.carry) ©2019

Everyday, everyday it seems the same

I don't have the words to say

All the things I really want to baby

So I try, I try hard to make it clear

Just how much I need you here

I really hope you'll listen this time, because


Look around,

You own your life

Everything could be amazing

The sun will rise

The stars will shine

You just have to believe

Now its time, time to open up

Say the words you want to say

Anything you need to say

I'll listen darling

Don't you know that I'm here to hold your hand

That I'll always understand

When those feelings overwhelm you, because