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Notes; Written for AD and is self explanatory. There is an instrumental version of this which is quite lovely and captures the orchestra parts I wrote for strings and horns.
I'll add it to this site at some stage for download.


All For You (c.carry) © 2019

You know I mean it and it's true

But no matter what I do

If it all comes down to a choice

You know I'd do it all for you


Every day I'm walking

Every night I'm dreaming

Every time I'm talking to myself

You know it's true, I do this all for you

If there's a sadness in my face

And I don't know what to do

I just take a breath and soon

My mind will turn to you



We've been through many tough times

This is just more of the same

It doesn't matter and it's alright

If our life just isn't quite the same again

When I'm walking down the street at night

And I look up at the steely blue

And the moon shines down on my face

Just know I'm thinking of you