From the recording Doesn't Play Well With Others

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Notes; What? You really need me to explain where this came from? Didn't you read the lyrics? :)


Disintegration (c.carry) © 2019

And once again, those whispers are calling

They land in my ear and they won't go away

I physically feel my soul as it's shrinking

I'm losing so much, 'cos I give it all away


So here I am in my disintegration

Like a thief in the night, it sneaks up on me

And I awake with my own indignation

Struggling to find what's left here for me

The lines in my face, I have earned very furrow

The pain in my bones reminds me each day

I'm falling apart, I'm a boat that is sinking

Lost out at sea and floating further away


If my spirit is weak, then the flesh it is weaker

I can't move a hand to save me a place

Everything spins right across my horizon

Like satellites moving around me in space

Don't want no pity, leave me alone

It's a state i know well and i don't like being here

i feel quite helpless to face my condition

I embrace my sadness, but don't really care


Struggling to find what's left here for me