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Notes; The title is from Joseph Conrads 'The Heart of Darkness'. It's a nice little line. We do live in the flicker and the flicker gets shorter and shorter. As a huge Francis Coppola fan it's a little nod to him too. My vocal 'style' here is also a 'nod', this time to the great Bill Nelson, probably best known for his group Be-Bop Delux, but for me due to a record he put out under the name 'Red Noise' around 1979 called 'Sound on Sound'. It's still one of my favourite albums ever. Here's to ya Bill!


We Live In The Flicker (c.carry) ©2019


I'm a steady state catalyst

An optimistic pessimist

An anarchistic pacifist

A fatalistic lobbyist

I'm a convoluted absolute

I'm a constituted institute

I'm an executed dissolute

I'm a destitute substitute

I'm a hypnotistic humorist

I'm an egotistic soloist

I'm an eucharistic atheist

I'm a moralistic terrorist

I'm just a super trooper

A swooning type of crooner

I'm a rumour in a stupor

With a cartoon sense of humor