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in Oct of '13 I was listening to Pink Floyds' "The Wall" album on the way home in the car late one night. It's a great record to listen to in the dark (and even better to see live! Which I'm thankful I did in Sept '13 - with Amy and Alex - at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin).

For some reason a phrase I'd heard about D minor being the saddest chord was rattling around my head. The idea of a mentally ill patient being given different colour tablets came into my mind. By time the journey was done I rushed in picked up the guitar and wrote the main bulk of the basics for this song. The words, again for me, came quickly and nearly perfectly formed to what you hear here, and then I committed the demo to the Mac machine.

This song was never going to be on the record originally as it wasn't even written when the first draft of the "Sunflower" track listing was compiled. But the guitar sound fitted in with the vibe of the other tracks, and so it found a home.

Yes, that's me doing all the voices here, using pitching shenanigans on the Mac.