1. Broken

From the recording Broken (c.carry)

Written for someone going through a hard time. Life can kick you in the guts. We've all been there, and we'll be there again. It's life. The important thing to focus on is there are people who care and who can help. It might be a parent, a brother, a sister, a friend or it may be one of the many organizations that exist to help and support people. 
You may be strong enough to get through your crisis on your own. But if you're not, there's no shame in that. A problem shared is a problem halved. 
Here are the notes for this song from the page for the 'Onion' album found elsewhere on this website.
Another difficult song to write as this was written specifically for one person. I’m not a particularly eloquent speaker. I often struggle to share just how empathetic I may be feeling for anyone’s specific situation. I say the wrong things, I intend to over intellectualize the feedback and can’t deliver a simple message that says “ok, things are bad, but you’re safe when you’re with us, we’ll mind you”. However, I find I can better place what I really want to say within the structure of a lyric and melody. I guess it focuses the mind to distill and condense the message.
The aim of this song was to explain from a position of innocence that life is difficult and that we’ve all been ‘there’. Feelings of inadequacy are not unique, emotions can obliterate the soul at times, heartbreak is gut wrenching, and despair can be unrelenting, and confusing. However. It is also important to provide perspective that times of great distress WILL pass. These are all universal truths.
We have ALL been there. Those of us who are older know the practicalities of our existence.
As we get older we have a better perspective on the things life throws at us. When you’re young and this visits your door it’s very, very easy to assume that this is how things will always be and not have the broader perspective about the healing nature of the passing of time. But there are no escapes from life’s tribulations for any of us and they must be faced when they occur. And they will occur.
This (the song) is the simple message, we've all been broken.