What can I say? It's a cancer song. I did have Pink Floyds 'Dark Side Of The Moon' CD playing in my car on the way back from the hospital that day. The words here were written in a few minutes, and maps to what happened that day. The last 4 notes you'll hear in the mix (even better in this remastered version) was an approximation of Springsteen's 'Born To Run' riff. I didn't want to end up in a legal suit with my idol ;) so it's a whiff of a riff. 
I think this was the first song I wrote on a piano? The playing here was all done one hand at a time. I barely knew the chords. It just worked. The cello's and violas I added were all played by me using the keyboard and some orchestral 'patches' (i.e. you're playing a 'cello', but you're using a keyboard to do it etc). 
Again all me on here. I ploughed a lonely furrow at that time in my life (2008). Actually! I STILL plough a lonely furrow lol but I'm a better user of the plough these days
Chris@home Jan 4th