From the recordings Nu Clear Boom and Onion

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Nu Clear Boom
Written as a humble but heartfelt tribute to Kraftwerk. This song wasn't a sneaky appropriation but a specific reflection of admiration. The genesis of Kraftwerk is fascinating and my earliest recollection of them was the "Autobahn" record in 1974 ( I was 11. Precocious much?).
This song originally had me reading out a list of all the nuclear accidents that had ever happened over my sounds. The original track was started in response to the Fukushima incident (in 2011). However. It was only after my brain cells kicked in I remembered that Kraftwerk had done something like this (and much better!) in their ironically mocking song 'Radio-Activity' ("...discovered by Madame's in the air for you and me.."). Written in 1975.
So, when I finally got back to working on this I scrubbed the vocals and added the "meltdown" section in the middle. The irony that Kraftwerk wrote about the potential for disaster in 1975 (way before Chernobyl in 1986) and that we were still living with the threat of disaster in 2018 is incredible. At the end of the track I added a tape rewind sample. This was to indicate that even when these disasters happen history demonstrates that they happen again and will likely happen again in the future.
Lessons are not being learned.