From the recordings Long Time Gone and Onion

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Long Time Gone
An unashamed nod to the great Lucinda Williams. My next record will likely have more of an “alt country” feel to it and there are already 4 new songs earmarked for inclusion on the album.
I’m going to share with you. This is true. The title of this song and the twisty nature of the line, came to me as I was parked on the ‘john’ one lunchtime at the house in Headfort Glebe. Greatly aware of over sharing here but I literally sang the title out with the melody attached and was absolutely tickled at my own word play, so much so that I ran down the stairs (after finishing my business) to sing Amanda and Amy the great line I'd come up with. The characters in this song are an extension of those in Lucinda’s song ‘Jailhouse Tears’ i.e. full of piss and vinegar, as the Americans like to say occasionally.  
From memory the vocal was done in one take and after I added the Gretsch guitar with the Bigsby tremolo arm it all just fell into place really easy. The song has a swagger and a kick to it. I like it a lot.