From the recordings Listen To Me and Onion

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Listen To Me
A reggae song. Yip, you heard RIGHT! Another experiment that I like to think turned out reasonably ok. This is a political song.
In December 2014 a homeless man Jonathon Corrie died, alone, in the bitter winter cold, within steps of our government buildings. I have a lot of anger like many of you towards the people who ran/ run our country in our name. Our society has become a greedy one, almost by deafult, but that doesn't mean everyone’s "greedy". It means that humanity is accorded second place in deference to the tax euro/$ that drives a general consumer economy. We're all part of it, whether we like it or not.
If you can, have a think about making a small donation to Focus Ireland (, or to Fr Peter McVerry's organisation (
The folks in both organisations are in the front lines helping people that are falling between the cracks.
It's probably a pretty pathetic way of expressing my own anger but I wrote this and it's message to the government is quite clear in light of bank bail outs and other financial chicanery - " You saved the kings that screwed the workers. Stand in our position. Would you even dare?".