1. Happy Face

From the recording Happy Face

Happy Face
I had this melody and most of the music written during late 2014. I've been lucky (so far) that I've never suffered from writers block etc. I can sit down at any time of day (heavily dependent on the motivation) and come up with the music for a song. Lyrics are the same, once I'm committed to something in the idea the rest falls into place, and I seldom, if ever, rewrite. I feel the first impulse, unfiltered as it is, generally is what I was going for.
This song contains one of my own favourite guitar solo's. I'm not technically proficient however when playing by 'feel' i can connect to some nice moments prompted by the words. 
This song title versus the content is juxtapositional as you'll hear. The 'happy face' is a mask. We all wear them at times and many different ones. The words on this and initial demo vocals were written and done in mid 2015 but the final vocal was only recorded in late 2016. The passing of Bowie loomed large in my head at the time of singing this. I found it hard to feel any motivation for doing music in 2016. It was such a hard hard year for many music fans.