1. Howl

From The Recordings Html

I wrote the lyrics for this in Perugia, Italy in April 2010 on the songwriting retreat. I totally neglected to spend the evenings with the other songwriters, and spent the time writing songs in my room. 
In retrospect I do regret that because, firstly I was probably in the worst head space I'd ever been in my life, unbeknown to my fellow travellers, and mixing with people, and they were such good people, might have been very therapeutic. But, no, billy-no-mates here went to his room at night and wrote lots of lyrics, and kept out of the way. 
The words to this song give an indication as to where my head was at that time, when everything made me want to "howl". On a positive side (?) I came home with "She Cares About Me", "Shadows", "One More Sleep" (still unreleased) "Howl" and lots of lyrics that begat the "Life..." album.


"Fingers dragging down a blackboard wall
Sirens in my head, don't know who to call
There's a gun in my hand pointing at me
There's a target in my head and a mirror I see"