1. Blue Eyed Boy

Track Listing - All songs written, played, performed & produced by C.Carry (*except where noted)
1. Set The Twilight Gleaming
2. Said Hello To New York
3. A Mand Da Hug And Kiss
4. Jagged Edge
5. CtrlAltDel (* Backing Vocals - Katie and Alex Carry)
6. I Bought My Son A Car
7. Sometimes (I Just Hope You'll  Love Me Sometimes)
8. Winterlake
9. Mrs Smith (The 83 Year Old Nightmare!)
10. Hey Baby
11. One Mans Ruin
12. Blue Eyed Boys
13. BONUS TRACK - The Hills Of Sweet Lough Crew* (Words by Geraghty Music Carry)


Blue Eyed Boys - The Song
I'm one of many lucky men who have been spoiled rotten by their mother! This song is a tribute to all mothers really. The last song on this record the bonus track "Hills Of Sweet Lough Crew" came from a poem my GREAT Grandmother wrote back in the day (so those words you hear in that song are probably over a 100 years old).
With that in mind and thinking about the generations that followed I dedicated this record to all the women that gave birth to a series of interconnected "blue eyed boys" from the next generations namely my Dad, me, my own two sons (Ben and Alex), and my nephews (Conor and Craig). So to my Nana Katie, my mum Kay, Evelyn and sisters Angie and Joanne, you're the reasons all these blue eyed boys are here! We thank you all.
Blue Eyed Boys - Words & Music by Chris Carry
It was something that my sister said in a fit of sibling jealousy
But nothing mean or spiteful meant, I contested antagonistically
Just a comment, a passing thought a blind spot on mothers eyes
That their sons  can do no wrong no matter how they try
Take six sons of whom I'm one and thank out lucky stars above
Be thankful let it bring you joy that we were so well loved
And always in our Mothers hearts like much loved broken toys
Forever we will always be those lucky blue eyed boys
My Dad, myself, and my two sons, my two nephews too
You'd swear we were altar boys painted with a saintly hue
Now sisters have their own ways do I really have to mention
With Daddy curled round their little fingers they're never short of attention
(Repeat Chorus)
And in this wicked world where women can be so exploited
Remember boys, everyday, to try not make them disappointed
(repeat chorus)
Forever we will always be those lucky blue eyed boys
Words & Music Chris Carry © Alex's Room Productions 2009