The Jellyfish Doodles is here...

There's enough info and context about the new album on it's own web page on this site. I won't bore you with repetition or any further guilding of the lily. 

Luckily my expectations are very low when it comes to the question will anyone actually hear this music? Then I tell myself "Hey? Gobshite? You don't do this for anyone else except yourself, and you do it it's because you HAVE to". The inside voice is generally correct. 

It would be nice to think that somewhere someone in time might go "Hmm? Monkey Aviator Spaceman Dead Man In A Car sounds like a catchy title, wonder what thats all about then?". But my expectations are low annnd will remain so. 

Theres a nice sense of self when you can be creative and when a lot of hard work finally materialises in front of you and maybe you're able to say yourself, huh, that's not bad. I don't think anyone purposefully goes out to make 'bad' art.

I'm sure there are many great unheard songs or paintings that remain sitting on easels or home walls, or on computers that will never get the attention they deserve. In this world you really have to be aggressive with yourself to push the visibility factor around your artwork. It's thankless and because our society has lost sight of the value of art it's become wall paper, background noise etc.It has little value. If art does get attention, then it's gone from sight in the blink of a web page refresh. It's a bit troubling to think where will the art come from in 20 years. Will folks still be listening to the (great) music of the 60's, 70;s, 80's and still queuing to see the Mona Lisa? Who knows. 

It's sad in many ways, there's a generation or two of us who will never forget the anticipation around acquiring for example, a new record. I think it's an experience a couple of generations have sadly missed on.

But then I'm old, and a man out of time...