Oh! Hello there, what's up?...

It's been quite some time since I took the keyboard out of mothballs and plugged that sucker into the laptop. This is just a quick note to the universe to say that I'm going to be releasing an updated 'redux' version of my 2010 album 'Blue Eyed Boys' shortly. 

When I made that record, as with the vast majority of my earlier work, it was poorly recorded. I didn't know what I was (or wasn't) doing. This re-release, and remaster, addresses quite a lot of the difficulties I had back then. Most prominently, having spent a couple of weeks away in Italy with a prodigious group of real musicians, I discovered the Mac and Garageband. It was a revelation. I had been using a Boss BR1600 to record my first 3 albums and it was an unwieldy beast. Perfect for knock off demo's, burning straight to CD, but not great for making anything that would be released commercially. However, it didn't stop me doing that. 

I came home from Italy, bought a Mini Mac and started using this new methodology. I subsequently upgraded both the Mac (to a 17" Mac Pro - which I still use) and went from Garageband to the professional version of that software, Logic Pro X. The next album, 'Life And Everything In Between' was the first output in the new musical regime. 

Anyways, more to come, when I actually press the upload button at some point soon. 'Blue Eyed Boys' contains some fine songs (modestly) and included some of my first more experimental efforts ('Set The Twilight Gleaming' and "Jagged Edge'). There's autographical songs, the title track is a nod to the various mothers in my life, and 'Said Hello To New York' is a verbatim reflection on my time in NYC as a young man, leaving home for the first time. 

I'll put some words up when I get around to it as I generally do when releasing an album. I always like to understand what the artist was thinking about and get a view on the lyrics and what they mean. Anorak. Completely. 

bye for now


Home, 1st Nov '21