May 1st - Randomness

Blog Thing....

- Last week I wrote what *I* think is a really good song. It's called "Green, Blue, Red". Wowsa (modestly). Wrote the tune this day last week after dropping my kids home. Listening to Pink Floyd The Wall in the car. Came in, sat down, picked up the guitar, turned on my Mac and hey presto 10 mins later all guitar guide parts where done and dusted. I made a voice memo to myself in the car describing what the lyrics would be about. Picked up my big book of song after the guitar bits and the lyrics flowed. Recorded it last Friday and mixed on Sat and Sunday. I like it a lot. It's a weird one. About schizophrenia (I think!). Two versions in the can, one with the freaky child voices (me on vocal speed dial) or not. It was one of those songs were I felt I was actually being an artist. A nice feeling...

- Alex is in Finland for 12 days. He' staking part in a six part documentary for RTE on the school system here and there.  So now two of my most favourite people in the world are in Finland. Bruce plays two nights in Helsinki this week

- I have a substantial beard ("just like Howard Hughes...without the money..." (reference the song mentioned above)

- I upgraded my record player (Vinyl for all you youngsters out there)

- I finally upgraded my phone - iPhone 5

- I bought "The Next Day" by Bowie on Vinyl (wonderful experience to open a new Bowie record again)

- I'm going to London in 3 weeks to see the David Bowie Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum

- Eric Clapton 9th May O2 Dublin 

- Chris Difford got married (again) - congratulations boyo

- I like my friends

- Everton play Liverpool at Anfield next Sunday

- I finished watching Season 1 of "Lilyhammer"

- Songs on the next album? "Howl" / As The Sunflower Turns It's Face Toward The Sun" / Little Pink Girl In A Black And White World / Tower Of Strength / Pretty Monster / "Green, Blue, Red" / Paranoid Schizophrenic Blues / Taking A Ride/  ...and about 20 more to finish off and choose 4 or 5 more from...might have to leave "Country Girl" off the album...Michelle Nolan, you know why :D

- I'm probably writing this to put off doing Tesco Online...but then we have to eat...

- I'm 50 in < two weeks....ah feck....